Devil May Cry 5 Cutscenes Lag Fix

Hey Guys! Are you facing stuttering issue with your favorite game Devil May Cry 5? If yes, then you have landed at the right place to fix your issue. Many of game players have reported stuttering and out of sync issue during the cutscenes of Devil May Cry 5.

In this article, you will learn about the fixes for stuttering and audit out an issue in Devil May Cry 5. Check out the given fixes:

Stuttering and Audio Out of Sync Issue

Devil May Cry 5 Cutscenes Lag Fix 1

Below are a few methods that might help you in fixing the issues that you might be facing. Go through these and you will be good to go.

Method 1

  1. Locate the folder where you have installed Devil May Cry 5 and open it.
  2. Find .ini file which is called as dmc5config.ini and click it to open.
  3. Now, make the following changes:
    • Replace ‘Capability=DirectX12‘ with ‘Capability=DirectX11
      Replace ‘TargetPlatform=DirectX12‘ with ‘TargetPlatform=DirectX11
  4. Click the Save button and see if the problem is gone.

This solution may or may not help you to get rid of the stuttering issue, therefore, you should follow another method to get rid of this problem.

Method 2

Tweak Graphics Settings

Tweaking the graphics setting may help you to get rid of this issue. Check out the best graphics setting for Devil May Cry 5 to resolve stuttering and audio out of sync during cutscenes.

  • Move to Options> PC Options> Graphics.
  • Now set Frame Rate to 60.
  • Set Rendering Method to Normal and Resolution Scaling to 100%.
  • Set Texture Quality to Medium and also, Texture Filtering Quality to Medium.
  • Set Mesh Quality to Medium and Anti-aliasing to TAA.
  • Now, set Motion Blur to Variable and Effects Quality to Low.
    • Shadow Quality: Medium
    • Bloom: On
    • Lens Flare: On
    • Ambient Occlusion Type: SSAO
    • Shadow Cache: On
    • Volumetric Light Quality: Low
    • Screen Space Reflections: Variable
    • Chromatic Aberration: Off

That’s it. You are good to go! These settings will be very helpful for you to have an amazing experience with the game.

Also, you should make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirement. If in case, your computer doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements and you have downloaded this game, then no doubt that you may face some other issues like loading error and missing voices.

Method 3

Another solution that is tried by many players is:

  • Open DMC5 folder and look for the “dmc5config.ini” file.
  • Click on the file and change Capability to DirectX12, Target Platform=DirectX12 to DirectX11.

Hope this resolved your issue. If not, you should download Latest Graphics Drivers, tweak NVDIA Control Panel settings and set priority using the Task Manager. Finally, you are good to go!

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