Find How Much Money & Time Have I Spent on LOL

Find How Many Hours Have I Spent on LOL – League of Legends is certainly one of the Legendary and most famous RPG games ever made. People have spent countless hours over the years without even realizing it. The learning curve and gameplay are so addicting that once someone gets into it, they can never go back.

I have always been wondering what would be my “time wasted on lol” or some may say “how many hours have I spent on lol”. In Steam, you can find out how many hours you have spent in a game, but finding the same thing for LOL is tricky because there’s no option in LOL to find out the same.

Even after many years this game still has no sign of slowing down, there are huge tournaments and majors around this game. The competitive scene is still growing along with the Prize Pools offered by various organizers.

Find How Many Hours Have You Spent on LOL

As we said earlier, there’s no way to find this officially using the LOL Client/website. But there’s an unofficial website called Wasted on LOL (URL:

Find How Much Money & Time Have I Spent on LOL 1

Once you visit the website, just enter your username and click the “How Much Time I wasted on LOL?” button and your details will be displayed. My brother entered his username and the result came out a whopping 68 days, which is nothing compared to the users listed in the Leaderboards. I myself was amazed when I saw the guy on the top of the leaderboards having over 569 days, that almost 2 years of playing the game.

This is something most of you might find amazing, do let us know how many hours have you put into the game.

Find How Much Money Have You Spent on LOL

The money expenditure information can be obtained directly from the RiotGames website. Go to this page and log in to your account, there you will find information related to the money you have spent in the game.

The page contains more information such as Champion Kills, Assists, total wins and so on. Further down, there’s a button that displays more sensitive information about your League of Legends account.

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