Fix: A Problem Occurred with this Webpage so it was Reloaded

Fix: A Problem Occurred with this Webpage so it was Reloaded is an issue that Apple users face time to time. This error comes up while you are browsing on Chrome/Safari browser on your Apple iPhone, iMac or iPad. The cause of this issue can be blamed on the website or the device itself, today we will find out how this issue can be fixed.

As per our knowledge this issue started popping up for Apple users when they updated their devices to 8.0.2, this issue is not only limited to iPod, iPad and iPhones. This issue has been noticed by a lot of iMac users too.

Fix: A Problem Occurred with this Webpage so it was Reloaded

Fix: A Problem Occurred with this Webpage so it was Reloaded 1


  • If you are browsing a website at -/+ 100% magnification
  • Speech settings issue
  • Cache Data

Let’s find out how all three of these can be crossed out to fix the issue

Reset Magnification to 100%

Enter the URL of the website that you are facing the issue with, now using your fingers (depending on what device you are using) pinch to adjust the zooming of the website. Once the magnification reaches 100%, reload the webpage. This should normally fix the problem.

iMac users can hold the CMD key and scroll up and down to adjust the magnification on their browser and reload after that to fix the issue. If that doesn’t fix the problem read on for the Speech Settings and Cache data issue.

Deleted Outdated Cache from Safari

The outdated cache can sometimes created issues with the browser since the older one overlaps the newer website and hence the website crashes.

iPhone, iPad & iPad Mini users

  • Go to Settings > General > Reset Network Settings. Doing this will disconnect you from any networks that you were connected with. You can reconnect later on
  • Now go to Settings > Safari > Clear website data. All the website data will be flushed.

iMac users

  • Open the safari web browser on your iMac device
  • Go to Preferences >Privacy > Remove All Website Data
  • Now open up finder > Go > Go To Folder.
  • Type~/Library/Caches/ Go
  • Delete the file and now restart safari

This should fix all your issues with the Safari browser.

Reinstall Java on MAC

Since there is no way you can repair your installation of Java on your Mac, you would have to uninstall and install Java.

Uninstall Java

  • Go To Finder > Applications > Search “JavaAppletPlugin.plugin
  • Right click the file and click on “Move to trash”

Install Java

  • Download the Java official file from Oracle website
  • Open the downloaded file
  • Follow the installation instructions and Java will be installed on your device

If all this doesn’t fix your issue then there’s last one that you can follow

Turn off Speak Selection and Speak Screen

  • Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech
  • Now Turn Off “Speak Selection” and “Speak Screen”

These are the methods that you can follow for fixing the A Problem Occurred with this Webpage so it was Reloaded issue. Doing all this shouldn’t take a lot of time. If you still face any problem you can comment below and we will be happy to sort it out.

Thank you for reading, have a nice day.

Last Updated on November 23, 2020 by FPSBolt Editors

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