How to Fix ERR_TIMED_OUT on Google Chrome

How to Fix ERR_TIMED_OUT on Google Chrome – Many Google Chrome users have reported “ERR_TIMED_OUT” error while browsing anything on the internet. When a user search something using Google Chrome, browser doesn’t show any result and every new tab shows a error “This site can’t be reached” and “ERR_TIMED_OUT“. This is really frustrating situation and there could by various reasons behind this.

The possible reasons may be lost internet connection, registry error, wrong internet settings and any other reason. But, as per users experience, the most common reason according to us is the latest versions of Windows or Update error. Now, the question comes here is this, how to resolve ERR_TIMED_OUT error? Well, there are different methods to solve this problem. So let’s begin with it:

Option 1: Create a new profile

Creating a new profile in Google chrome may resolve this issue. Let’s have a try to it:

  1. Close the Google Chrome Window.
  2. Press Windows + E keys at the same time to open Windows Explorer on the screen.
  3. Now, copy the following in the address bar of Windows Explorer: Windows 10:%LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\.
  4. Locate the folder called “Default” in the directory window and rename the file as “Backup default“.
  5. Now, open google chrome again and see if you are able to visit the website.

IF the problem is still the same, move ahead towards next option to try.

Option 2: Use Incognito window to locate plugins/ extensions

There are many times when third party extensions or plugins clashes with the browser resulting in ERR_TIMED_OUT error on chrome. Therefore, follow the steps given below to solve such issue:

  1. Make a right-click on the three vertical dots icon on the top-right on google Chrome browser and select the Incognito Mode.
  2. Now, type something to search on the browser if it works then, it is the plugins/extensions that is creating the issue.
  3. Next, go out the incognito mode and open Chrome browser.
  4. Type chrome://extensions/ in the address bar and hit Enter key.
  5. Disable every extension shown on the window.
  6. Now, enable them one by one to find out which extension is creating an issue.
  7. Once this is done, remove it or disable it.

Option 3: Update Network Drivers

If your network drivers are out of date then this may be the reason of ERR_TIMED_OUT error. To resolve this problem you have to go to the Device Manager from Control Panel Window. Locate your network drivers available in their list and check if they are updated. If not, then download their updates all at once or one-by-one. Don’t forget to reboot your PC once it is done.

Option 4: Fix Cryptsvc bug

Well, its very rare that the Chrome get a bug with Cryptsvc services after new Windows update. But, if this is the case, here it is you need to do:

  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete key to open Task Manager Window.
  2. Now, select Services menu, click CryptSvc and then make a right-click on it.
  3. Select Stop from the drop-down list. Now, type regedit in Windows search bar and locate “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\SystemCertificates\Root\Protected Roots.
  4. Now, make a right-click on ProtectedRoots, and move to Permissions.
  5. Choose Advanced> Enable Inheritance and if you see “Incorrectly ordered” message, select reorder.
  6. Now, move to Advanced and note the reordering for later use.
  7. If you see “not permission to edit root” message, navigate to “…SystemCertificates\Root” up one level.
  8. If you see any certificates in right, just export it and if you don’t see any certificates then right-click on Root. Now, navigate to Delete to rebuild automatically.
  9. Now, start CryptSvc from task manger and then restart Google Chrome.

These were the tips and tricks to fix ERR_TIMED_OUT error on chrome. Try one by one method and tell us which one works for you.

Last Updated on July 11, 2020 by FPSBolt Editors

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