Garry’s Mod Beginner’s Guide – Controls

Basic Gmod Controls – Garry’s Mod is a physics problem solving game invented by Garry Newman. The game was initially launched for Microsoft Windows in 2006. In the year 2010, it moved onto a OS X port version and even later for Linux in 2013.

It is a sandbox game with a first person perspective view. The game allows you to load a world map. In the map, you are able to build many mechanical sites or devices.One can explore the worlds and move through it freely or can fight monsters.

Basic Gmod Controls

Garry's Mod Beginner's Guide - Controls 1

In the article, we will try to guide you through the different procedures and controls that are used in the game. The game can tend to be highly complex for new users. But this article will allow you to understand at least the basics that goes around the game world.


While starting the game, there are certain things that you need abide by. Once you start the game you will be greeted by welcomed by a loading menu. Once the game is done loading, it is recommended that you first choose the preferable settings.

When calling them preferable, they need to be compatible with the PC atmosphere. If the settings are set in such a way to cause a greater load on the PC. Your PC may be damaged or they game may break down.

So, before you start, take a look at your graphic settings. You will have options to set the gaming graphics on higher and lower level. If your keep the video quality of the game on high, your game may show a lag (depending on you PC). If the quality is low, the game will be faster.

So, these setting will completely depend on your PC. If your PC has the ability to stand high graphics, you can keep the quality high. If it doesn’t it is better to keep them low and play in faster movements.


If you have played a source engine game before it will be better for you to understand controls. Games like Half life 2, Day of defeat or non source engine game like Vice city, they have similar controls. So, if you have ever played one of these you will know the good amount of controls.

But, if you haven’t played these games, below you will know about the basic controls of the game. These are the default set controls:

  • W,A,S,D – Move ahead, left, back, right.
    -Moving the mouse around, will change the direction of the player.
    -Left Button: Fire any weapon/tool
    -Right button: Varies according to your choices
  • R key – Reload your weapon
  • Q key – Open the menu to spawn things, F1 can be used to toggle
    (Keep Q on hold to toggle the menu)
  • V key – Toggles through No clip
  • Left shift key – Helps you sprint
  • Left control – To crouch
  • F key – Switches on flashlight

These are the controls for on of the most favorite physics problem solving game. It helps people in enhancing their creativity levels. It teaches a person a lot of about realistic physics. And, possible quantum theories.

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