NBA 2K20 – How To Get To Level 99 Fast

All of the attributes in the game have a cap, whenever starting a player has to keep this in mind. Players who are impatient like me can choose a PC, SG, or an SF, these are the best options. Selecting the right position and getting the perfect dunk rating is the key to success.

In this article, we will find out How To Get 99 Fast in NBA 2K20

How To Get to Level 99 Fast

Choose the right mode

There are three game modes in NBA2K, you might already be aware of this. Below are the rewards of each

  • Pro-AM: 20-25K for 10-15 Games
  • MyCareer: 15-25K for 20+ Games
  • Playground: 2k-85 for 15-20 Games

The grinding is not fun, I must say. But in order to reach 99, Pro-AM will be your best bet. Just give it time and you’ll be there.

Download My NBA2K App to Earn VC

In order to get better in-game, you need Virtual credits. These virtual credits can be earned through the apps the game provides you with. Just download the My NBA2K app for IOS or Android. The app provides you with a daily bonus of 500VC, if you open it daily you’ll get 3,500 VC per week.

Max Out Game Quarters

The quarter length of 12 minutes should be good enough to help you obtain a good grade for maximum rewards. To level up fast this will be important.

Use the training facility

You can use the training facility to grind out the badges, this will boost your MyPlayer score. Learn and improve your shooting skills with Deep Range Deadeye or Difficult shots.

Cosmetics are useless

Cosmetics are useless and don’t give you an advantage over others. Wasting your credits on these will not help you at all. Just focus on important things such as reaching higher levels. Wasting money on shoes, clothes or haircuts won’t give you anything more than appearance.

If you honestly enjoy this game, you will reach 99 in a few months. Yes, it’s true. Even if you enjoy and grind around 7-8 hours a day, then you might make it to 99. Reaching Level 99 will give you a legend badge and Custom 2K Shoes and a copy of NBA 2K20 (limited supply).

Do let us know if this helped you out.

Last Updated on July 11, 2020 by FPSBolt Editors

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