PUBG Crashing, Won`t Launch, Stuck on Loading Screen

Fix for PUBG Crashing, Won’t Launch, Stuck on Loading Screen- Playersunknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the popular game nowadays which is popularly known as PUBG. It is available for Android, iPhone, Windows and Xbox. There are approx 200 million users of this game out of which about 30 millions users play this game on a regular basis.

Fix for PUBG Crashing, Won`t Launch, Stuck on Loading Screen

Recently, we have noticed that many players are confronting the issue of frequently crashes or closes while playing PUBG. And, other gamers are facing loading, launching, and freezing issue with PUBG game. In this case, you can follow the given troubleshooting technique that will resolve your glitches.  You don’t need to try all the methods, just find the perfect solution that works for you.

Technique 1: Installing the latest patch

The developer of PUBG, Bluehole keeps on releasing the patches after an interval that helps to improve the experience of playing PUBG by fixing common issues. You should keep on checking for these updated patches to keep the game updated. If this doesn’t fix your trouble, don’t fret. We’ve got other solution as well.

Technique 2: Don’t overclock your GPU

If you have increased the clock frequency of your GPU to make it work faster and improving the game experience then, it might have caused undermine your game’s stability. If you realize the crash or freezing issue in the game just after you overclocked your GPU, then it’s time to lowering it back to the default settings. Doing this will prevent you from number of crash issues while playing PUBG.

Technique 3: Update Device Drivers or reinstall corrupted drivers

Generally, users face this issue if they have mistakenly installed the wrong drivers or if they are outdated. Loading, crashing and freezing issue generally comes when there is some issue with the video card drivers. Hence, you should update or reinstall nagging drivers .

Users can do this automatically with Driver Easy or do it manually. If you choose Automatic method for an easy go then, download this software and run it. After that, hit the Scan Now button to detect any issue and fix it. Hit on the Update button beside each driver that you want to download the updates automatically. Or, you can click on Update All button if you wish to update them all.

In case of reinstalling, you need to uninstall the device driver first and then install them. This can be done through Driver Easy also.

Technique 4: Check for Graphics Settings

PUBG has default settings for graphics that is quite high and may put a burden on your system. If your system doesn’t meet the minimum system requirement it may affect your computer causing slow working and game crash. To solve this issue, you can lower these settings. You will be required to change these tow settings:

  • Disable V-Sync
  • Try playing your game in Windowed mode.

Hopefully, one of these technique will help you to resolve your issue.

Last Updated on July 11, 2020 by FPSBolt Editors

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