Remnant From The Ashes – Unable to join or invite friends

Looks like the recent patch that arrived in Remnant From the Ashes few hours ago has broken few things in the game. It is actually a fairly large update and seems to have caused a great amount of tension in the community.

Apart from the no sound bug, players are now also complaining about a coop or lobby bug that has recently popped up in the game. So what is this bug and how to fix it?

Remnant From The Ashes co-op bug – Unable to join or invite friends – How to fix

What is the co-op multiplayer bug in Remnant From the Ashes?

It is a bug that has recently surfaced in Remnant From the Ashes after the latest patch. The bug is preventing players from joining the lobby of their friends as well as inviting them. Every time someone is trying to join the lobby they are either getting instantly kicked, getting an infinite loading screen or direct crash to windows.

How to fix this bug?

As of now there is no permanent fix for this bug and the developers have not responded to this yet. We did figure out a workaround but that is not a guaranteed fix as it seems to be working for some and not working for some.

What I did was I tried to join the lobby of a friend via steam directly while he was online and playing the game and it surprisingly worked. But things were not the same for another friend in our lobby as he got randomly kicked out of the game. I did have the smooth multiplayer experience after that but the third person couldn’t join at all. So I am not sure this qualifies as a proper fix to this bug or not. You can try and let us know in the comments. But till then it looks like we have no other option but to wait for an official fix from Gunfire Games.

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