Where is Xur – Xur Location February 28, 2020 – Destiny 2

Where is Xur – Xur Location February 28, 2020 – Veterans from Destiny 1 need to introduction to this slimy dude, all he was known for was delivering goods to all the guardians around. Similar to that in Destiny 2, he delivers goods every single Friday.

Xur Location February 28, 2020

Xur is currently located at the Tower

Xur is selling: Sunshot, Eye of Another World, Aeon Swift, Dunemarchers.

At 10.00 AM PT, Xur arrives at one of his fixed locations and delivers exotics that you can get in exchange for Legendary Shards. There’s an exotic for each subclass and an exotic weapon each week. Once he arrives, you’ll be able to find him in a shady location at the said place. His Full inventory given below:

  • Legendary Hunter Exotic
  • Legendary Warlock Exotic
  • Legendary Titan Exotic
  • Exotic Engram (has every single exotic in the game expect the raid/quest ones)

His Inventory Last Week

  • The Colony
  • Mask of the Quiet One
  • Crown of Tempests
  • Raiden Flux.

What are Xur’s Locations? – His locations are EDZ, Titan, Nessus and IO.

Earlier it was really easy to track him down but since the Forsaken update its harder to track him down. That is why we have created this page, every week we will be updating his exact location here once he arrives. Make sure you bookmark it in case you forget.

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