Fix: 9anime Server Error “Please Refresh Page and Try Again”

Fix for 9anime Server Error “Please Refresh Page and Try Again”- Are you facing the Server Error on 9anime website and looking for the best solution to it? If yes, then you have arrived at the right webpage to get the solution to this problem. Before reaching towards the solution of this issue, let’s find out its reason.

9anime is one of the favoured website that proffers unofficial, and pirated streams of anime. Lots of anime lovers watch their favorite anime on it. This website provides high-quality of anime online which you can see with the help of the internet. The website doesn’t demand you any money to see your favorite anime on it. This website is in the usage from quite some time and now it is available as application in the mobile phones. 9anime lovers can watch their episodes on it and also, you have an option to directly download it.

About 9anime Server Error “Please Refresh Page and Try Again”

Many 9anime lovers faced this issue of “Sever error, please try again” message. It has been noticed that this error occurs when users try to stream different episodes. And, this error mostly occurs at the time of add-on blocks 9anime’s stream output when trying to block Ads.

Why 9anime server error occurs?

Well, there are some possible reasons for this server error that are discussed below:

  • Ad Blockers are thinking that this website is an Ad and are treating this site as a false positive. And, this way the Ad blockers tries to block this site as a result of which you see that server error message.
  • This error may occur when 9anime is undergoing maintenance or its servers are down. It is very common for all the sites that whenever some changes are applied on the site then the users cannot have an access of it. Also, it is very common for 9anime like sites which distribute anime without any legal rights.
  • The last but not the least, this error may occur when the browser data is getting corrupted or it has been outdated. To clear this issue, you can try clearing cookies and cache from the browser.

Now, you are aware of all the possible reasons behind this problem. So, let’s move further towards its solution. But, before going towards it, make sure that you have good speed internet. Also, disable any firewall if present.

Solution of 9anime Server Error “Please Refresh Page and Try Again”

  1. Turn off Ad Blockers: Ad blockers is one of the prime reason of such problems which causes false positives. Many websites uses a mechanism to restrict the use of Ad blockers when streaming content. Therefore, if you have downloaded Ad blocker on your system and it is active then, disable it right now.
  2. Check Server Status: As you have read above, that when the website is undergoing maintenance then you may face the server error. There is a fixed time by the admin to apply some changes on the site to improve its efficiency. You can guess this problem by checking the forums of 9anime where people might have posted for the error messages. If you have confirmed this issue with the website then, you have to keep patience until it is corrected by the Website admin.
  3. Clean Cookies and Caches of your Browser: Browsers stores temporary data to the system so that when you visit the same site again, it can quickly show you the results. Even the cookies or caches is stored from the particular websites for the quick access. Whenever this data gets corrupt or outdated, you will definitely face this problem. Clear your browsing data, saved passwords, cookies and caches from the browser and then restart your computer.

Hopefully, your problem is resolved now. Enjoy using 9anime to stream your favorite anime!

Last Updated on July 11, 2020 by FPSBolt Editors

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