How to Fix Javascript:Void(0) Error in Google Chrome

How to Fix Javascript:Void(0) Error in Google Chrome – Some PC users face javascript:void(0) error while trying to access particular websites. Well, this is not a major problem but its irksome to encounter at the time of doing some important activity. If you have been blocked from accessing the website then you might be curious to know the reason behind this.

Well, this problem can occur with any of your browser. Therefore, it’ important to find a perfect fix to it. It can be fixed through various methods. But, the technique to solve this error depends on the reason-what caused the javascript error.

If the reason for this issue is a proxy server and also, you are connected to the internet via a shared computer then, you might encounter this issue frequently. In this case, you are recommended to talk to your network administrator for help. Else, you can follow these quick steps to resolve javascript:voi(0)error.

How to Fix Javascript:Void(0) Error in Google Chrome

Note: Before adopting any method for the solution just make sure that Java is properly working on your computer. Do this by going to Control Panel under Programs and features. 

Solution 1: Enabling Java

Internet Explorer

  • Open Internet Explorer and click on the upper right corner to drop-down a list of options.
  • Now, you need to select Tools option available in the list.
  • Move ahead by clicking on Internet Options.
  • Now, select Security tab and hit on the custom level button.
  • Scroll down the screen to reach ‘Scripting of Java applets’ option under the section of “Scripting”. 
  • Make sure ‘Enable’ is selected and then hit OK button.

Google Chrome

Well, the settings in Google Chrome varies from Internet Explorer and it can be explained as:

  • Open Google chrome and hit top right icon.
  • Select Settings, scroll down the screen and then click Show Advanced Settings.
  • Move to Privacy option and select Content Settings under that.
  • Hit on “Allow all sites to run JanaScript” under JavaScript option.
  • Click OK button.


Follow the below steps if you have Firefox browser.

  • Select the icon in the top right corner.
  • Hit on ‘Add-on’ and then click Plugins tab.
  • Select ‘Java Platform plugin‘ and end the task by clicking on Always Activate button.

Now, the Java has been enabled on your browser. Close the browser and then open it again and try to access the website. The error “javascript:void(0)” will be no longer appear to you.

Solution 2: Reload/Refresh the page by bypassing the cache

Sometimes, refreshing a page also resolves lots of problem on the website. Press and hold the Shift key and click on the Reload button. The shortcut key is Ctrl + F5.

Solution 3: Remove Caches 

Once you clear the cookies and cache on your browser, you will be able to have an access of your favorite website.

Firefox: Options> Advanced> Network> Cached web Content> Clear Now

Now, restart your browser and try again.

Solution 4: Delete cookies from the browser.

Clear the cookies from your browser and then restart your computer. Restart the browser and try to access that site again.

Hopefully, these solutions will remove your problems.

Last Updated on July 11, 2020 by FPSBolt Editors

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